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Libby Sporting Camps, Castle Hill, Maine

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Location: Munsungan Stream T8 R9

  • 3 log cabins built in the 40's high on the bank of Munsungan Stream.  You would have one sleeping cabin with 4 beds and one cook camp with one bed and a third cabin for storage all to yourself. Beautiful view of Libby Pinnacle to the south and Munsungan Stream winding down in front of camp. Accessible by gravel road. Extensive upgrades done in 2012 Great quiet location for a family getaway. Big lawn behind cabins, spring for water.


Location: T8R10

  • Log Cabin built in the 1950's by Allie Libby as a flyout site. Picturesque site reached by seaplane or short boat ride and 100 yard walk (across pond from camp). Fishing available on Chandler Pond for trout and salmon and nearby Spring Pond a reknown remote fly fishing trout pond. Good bird hunting, good hiking to Grant and Beetle Mts. You would have two cabins exclusively, a sleeping cabin with 3 full beds and 1 single and a cook cabin with full kitchen. Cabin has 15' canoe, 17' canoe and 14' boat. Spring for drinking water. Accessible by gravel road and boat or by seaplane.

Location: T9 R11

  • Aroostook River headwater pond surrounded by high ridges and tall pines. Deep clear 100 acre pond with lake trout, salmon and brookies. A great cabin to use as a base to explore the north woods, with many fly fishing ponds and streams nearby reached by trail or logging roads. 50 miles from Ashland over gravel roads, and within ten miles of Churchill Dam on the Allagash River. Log Cabin has 2 - 14' boats, 1 kayak and a 17' canoe. Two bedrooms each with a set of bunks and a full bed and also a loft with two beds. Spring brook for drinking water. Within a few miles of Churchill Dam on the Allagash to the West and Munsungan Lake to the East.

Location: T10 R11

  • Two log cabins on deep clear picturesque lake known for huge lake trout and brookies. Fly fishing pond within walking distance. Historic cabins built for J.P. Morgan family nearly a century ago. Accessed by 4x4, boat or seaplane. 50 miles from Ashland over gravel logging road. Replacement log cabin built in 1998. Cook Cabin has one double bed and 4 singles in one room. Sleeping cabin has one double bed and 3 singles in one room. Great for two couples or big groups. Fishing available on Clear Lake, Third, Fourth Musquacook Lakes, Upper Elbow Pond and trail to Little Pleasant Pond. 2 - 14' boats, kayak and 17' canoe at camp. Canoes on Little Pleasant. Spring nearby for water. Super bird hunting area. Great for swimming.

Location: T10 R10

  • Very remote 100 acre pond most easily reached by seaplane, by 1/4  mile trail or for true jeep trail lovers, over a terrible 4x4 2 mile road. Beautiful hourglass shaped pond, surrounded by high mountains and rocky shorelines. Cabin has limited availability. Good fishing for landlocked salmon and brookies. Hiking trail to nearby Upper Hudson Pond, (fly fishing only) with canoe stashed there. Lower Hudson Pond has a 14' Deep V Boat, a 14' pram, a 17' canoe, a two man kayak and a 17' square stern canoe. Six double and four single beds in two connected log cabins. Spring for drinking water. Good swimming.

Location: T10 R9

  • Large marsh lake with excellent views of the Rocky Brook Mountains. No better wildlife watching area in Maine; moose and other wildlife seen daily along the shores. Lake is part of a state waterfowl project. Excellent trout fishing in streams and deadwaters reached by boat, fly fishing stream within walking distance. 2 Cabins for your use exclusively. Cook camp has one full bed and two single beds. Extra sleeping camp with 3 double beds and one single bed. There is a 17' canoe, a kayak and a 17' square stern canoe at Mooseleuk Lake. Accessible by 4 x 4 road or seaplane. Cabin area can be buggy from late May to early July. Photographers dream location.

Location: T8 R8

  • Junction pool where Millinocket and Munsungan Streams merge to form the Aroostook River. Historic halfway camp when customers arrived by canoe to our home camps on Millinocket Lake. Prettiest site on the Aroostook River, pool holds salmon and trout. 15 miles from Oxbow over gravel logging roads with the last mile privately gated (low clearance cars not recommended). Log Cabin has one double and four single beds. 17' canoe. 1 mile gravel driveway with gated access. River sites can have more biting insects in June/early July. Spring for drinking water. Can also be used in conjuction with Aroostook River Canoe trip.